Research Reports and ICJ Documents 2013

General Assembly

Convention on the Revision and Enforcement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – PDF

Security Council

Question of DPR Korea – PDF
Question of international response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria – PDF


Question of technological development in LEDCs – PDF
Question of micro-financing in LEDCs – PDF

African Union

Question of strengthening the African Union – PDF

Human Rights Panel

Measures to reduce food insecurity in LEDCs – PDF
Measures to increase religious freedom and the “right to believe” – PDF

Special Conference

Promoting LGBT Rights – PDF

Political Committee

Question of the integration of immigrants into society
Measures to expedite the state reconstruction of Afghanistan – PDF

Environment Committee

Question of balancing environmental sustainability and economic growth – PDF
Question of strengthening the Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC) – PDF

Disarmament Committee

Measures to curb the illegal use of child soldiers – PDF
Measures to reduce the world’s stocks of chemical and biological weapons – PDF


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