Form I – Basic Information

  • This is the form which gives your basic contact information; please complete it carefully to ensure we have the appropriate details on our database.
  • Please avoid French and Turkish accents, and do not capitalize whole names.
  • Completing and submitting Form I involve a commitment to participate in the PAMUN conference, and generates a PDF Commitment Form – Participation Agreement – which you need to download, complete, sign and fax back to us or return as email attachment.
  • Form I requires you to commit to the size of your delegation. Please be as accurate as possible in your estimates, neither erring on the side of caution, nor on the side of over optimism. The number you fill-in will generate a bill (number of students + one MUN Director), which must be paid in its entirety by September 15, 2018, in order to allow schools on the waiting list to have a go at the conference, in case you desist. This bill includes neither Officers (not yet appointed), nor additional MUN Directors or chaperones, and completing Form II will therefore generate an adjustment bill, which can be paid at the conference desk.
  • Returning schools may indicate their wish to obtain a Security Council seat, which will be attributed on the basis of past performance of the school in PAMUN. Security Council seats will be announced in mid-June.
  • Returning schools, please respect your deadline of June 10, 2018, so that new schools have their chance to join the conference.

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