Form II – Delegation Assignments

This is where you are going to select the country or countries you are going to represent, and assign your students to represent a country in a particular committee. Once you are done, clicking on “Validate Form II” completes the process and generates a new invoice which you may either print from the screen or download. You can make modifications to your FORM II until November 5, 2018. You may therefore access your FORM II anytime and juggle the delegation a bit – within constrains. After November 5, all modifications will have to be sent to the Administrator by e-mail.

You will access FORM II by clicking on the FORM II button below, scrolling down to your school on the school list and logging on with the password you provided on FORM I. The password is attached to the school and not to the MUN Director, so if the Director has changed, you can still access the form. If you’ve forgotten your password, email me and I will provide you with a new password.

Please download and read carefully the following rules applying to this Form and familiarize yourself with their guiding principles and their spirit.

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Form II is now closed

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