Form IV – Press Application

Your application should outline your journalistic experience, familiarity with the computer, knowledge of international affairs and MUN or other (such as HMCE, or Press) relevant experience. Applicants are encouraged to send a few samples of their work, such as articles/pictures published in their school newspapers, and should also indicate their desired working area: reporting, photography, or lay-out editing. Applications are due by Monday, September 24, 2018.  Applicants will be informed no later than October 1st (when FORM II opens online) whether they have been appointed.

Six years ago, we have decided that a Pre-Conference Workshop for Press Officers would greatly improve the quality of our conference Newspaper MUNificence, as well as increase the meaningfulness of the experience for the Press Officers. Therefore, successful applicants should be willing and committed to travel to Paris ahead of their delegation and participate in the Pre-Conference briefing workshop for Press Officers on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

To streamline the process, the application file should consist of five separate documents:

* Two forms filled out (one by the student and another by the Director) – Downloadable as Form IV as writable PDFs which may be completed electronically.

* A letter of application from the students,

(in which their “voice” should be clearly heard: motivations, goals, the achievements of which they are most proud, etc…)

* A letter of recommendation from the MUN Director

(in which specific and revealing anecdotic information is shared: a specific hurdle the candidate overcame, an incident he/she solved successfully, how he/she fares in stressful situations, etc…)

Samples of the candidate’s work.

Directors should be aware that too great a discrepancy between their recommendation and evaluation of the students on the one hand, and their performance in the Press Team if they are appointed on the other, may result in a distrust of their recommendation in years to come… and should therefore strive to be as accurate and authentic as possible.

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PDF: FORM IV-Press Application

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