Officers’ Appointment



Security Council

  • Chair: Francesca Poupel                        American School of Paris
  • Co-Chair: North Carpenter                   Anglo-American School of Moscow



  • Chair: Martin Kononov                            Anglo-American School of Moscow
  • Co-Chair: Lea George                               American School of London
  • Co-Chair: Irene Facchin                           Zurich International School


Political Committee

  • Chair: Inaki Ibargaren                               Dubai American Academy
  • Co-Chair: Sacha Delouvrier                      Lycée International Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Co-Chair: Zihan Su                                     Anglo American School of Moscow


Human Rights Committee

  • Chair: Marion de Lavigerie                        Lycée Franco-Allemand
  • Co-Chair: Maggie Weller                            Mira Costa High School
  • Co-Chair: Lya Bennacer                              Lycée Montgrand


Environment Committee

  • Chair: Ana-Maria Ramos                            CLIP – Oporto International School
  • Co-Chair: Reyna Lim                                    Frankfurt International School
  • Co-Chair: Saulet Tanirbergen                     American School of Paris



  • Chair: Grace Gerwe                                        American School of London
  • Co-Chair: Roopak Mallick                            Dubai American Academy
  • Co-Chair: Konstantina Antoniadou            Anatolia College



  • Chair: Reem Al Ghaslan                                Dhahran High School
  • Co-Chair: Ojas Mandlekar                            Franconian International School
  • Co-Chair: Diogo Quirino Monteiro             CLIP – Oporto International School


Sustainable Development Committee

  • Chair: Yichen Cao                                             Frankfurt International School
  • Co-Chair: Matilde Lopes                                 CLIP – Oporto International School
  • Co-Chair: Elena Baumeister                           International School of Estonia


Special Committee

  • Chair: Max Stroemer                                        Zurich International School
  • Co-Chair: Huseyn Akhundov                          Schule Schloss Salem




  • Irene Colombo                                       American School of Milan
  • Xueting Meng                                        Anglo-American School Moscow
  • Yunrong Chen                                       Anglo-American School of Moscow
  • Can Batu Izmiroglu                              TED Istanbul College
  • Anna Kuznetsova                                  Zurich International School



PAMUN 2018 Conference

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