Registration Procedure and Fees

  • Maximum delegation size per school: 15 students (there is no minimum)
  • A country delegation varies in size from 1 to 10 members (if a country has a seat in all ten committees!) – and some schools may have a spot also in ICJ. Therefore, most school delegations will have more than one country to represent (all explained when completing FORM II in the fall)
  • Student Officers and Press Corps, as well as ICJ advocates and Judges, are not counted as part of a school delegation (and therefore increase the school delegation beyond the 15-cap, when applicable)
  • Returning Schools requesting a Security Council seat must indicate this on their Early Registration Form (FORM I) by ticking-off the appropriate box.
  • Security Council, ECOSOC, Special Conference & UNODC are restricted to member states (lists on our website). ICJ is restricted to 11-15 judges appointed in October.


Online Registration Procedure

All registration, country and committee assignments (except for Security Council seats & ICJ) are done online! You may download the form but you should consider your paper version as a draft only! Only forms submitted electronically will be accepted! Please no faxes or e-mails! Our system is unable to confirm to you by e-mail your registration, but is very reliable. If you completed the form thoroughly and have not forgotten to submit it, then you shouldn’t worry, you are in our database.

Form I – due no later than June 10, 2018 – for returning and newly invited schools

  • This is the form which gives your basic contact information; please complete it carefully to ensure we have the appropriate details on our database.
  • Completing and submitting Form I involves a commitment to participate in the PAMUN conference, and generates a PDF Commitment Form which you need to download, complete, sign and send as mail attachment.
  • Form I requires you to commit to the approximate size of your delegation. Please be as accurate as possible in your estimates, neither erring on the side of caution, nor on the side of over optimism. The number you fill in will generate a bill (number of students + one MUN Director), which must be paid in its entirety by September 15, 2018, in order to allow schools on the waiting list to have a go at the conference, in case you desist. This bill includes neither Officers, nor additional MUN Directors or chaperones, and completing Form II in October will therefore generate an adjustment bill, which can be paid at the conference desk.
  • Returning schools may indicate their wish to obtain a Security Council seat, which will be attributed on the basis of past performance of the school in PAMUN. Security Council seats will be announced in mid-June.
  • Returning as well as newly invited schools – please respect your deadline of June 10, so that new schools on the waiting list can be invited to join the conference.

Form II – opens on October 1st / closes on November 5, 2018

The form will allow you to:

  • Choose a country from countries available (according to a mixed power/geographical key). Small restricted committees should have no more than one student from the same school, to allow other schools opportunity of a seat.
  • Assign students to represent a country in a Committee (if space is available in the committee)

Form II Online empowers MUN directors to make assignments as they see fit. However, timing is of the essence! If you attempt to fill it too early, you may not be ready to do so and may discover you are subsequently penalized by modification fees. If you attempt to fill it out too late, you may discover that some of the countries and committees are not available anymore. Registered schools will receive in due time specific instructions to complete Form II.

Please note that, once Form II has closed on November 5, all modification requests (student names, committees, etc…) will be billed 15 € each.

Schools will be able to automatically print their bill based on the information on Form II, and adjustments to the already paid bill from Form I may be paid at the conference.

Registration Fees and Deadlines: 

The bulk of the fees go to pay the venue, and make the conference possible. We are also charging a small additional fee which covers the Risk Insurance which would allow us to refund schools in case of events similar to what forced us to reschedule our PAMUN XV conference, in 2015, due to the Paris attacks.

Conference fee (per participating school):      280 Euros

Delegate/Officer/MUN Director/Chaperone:  250 Euros

The fees cover coffee breaks, all conference material, and use of the Mutualité premises. The fees do not cover lunches (Mutualité doesn’t have facilities for this) or of course dinners, and fees being already pretty high, no social event is programmed either.

Mark Your Calendars:

May 15              Form I opens to returning schools

June 10            Form I closes for returning schools. New schools may be invited if spots are available

Advocate applications due (Form V)

September 15    Main Invoice paid in full

September 15    Research Reports available online

September 24    All Officers’ applications (Press and Chairs as well as ICJ Judges) due – Form III, IV & VI

September 29    Press and Chairs & ICJ Judges Appointments made

October 1st        Form II opens

November 5       Form II closed

Payment Information:


One lump payment :) !

No individual parents’ direct payment and no separate payment for school fee and for participants’ fee

                All payments must be made in Euros by check or by bank transfer, and net of all bank charges, to the following account:

 American School of Paris

IBAN:  FR76 3000 4008 8400 0209 7632 940


BNP Paribas

139-141 Grand rue

92380 Garches, France

Please indicate clearly on the Transfer:

PAMUN Conference

and the

name* of your school

Please let us know when the institution paying the bill is different from the school! This helps with tracking.


               If you’re “American School of …” or “International School of …” – please shorten in your payment order to the bank to: “AS of …”  and “IS of …”  so you may be identified!

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