Form V – ICJ Advocates Application

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is one of the most prestigious and one of the most exciting simulations of an international judiciary body. Two teams of two advocates from the same school are appointed, to defend each side in the case under consideration.

For more information about the ICJ, the advocate positions, and the case which the ICJ will be called to rule on, please refer to the ICJ page.

The application file consists of three separate documents:

  • Application form filled out by the student applicant – downloadable as Form V below
  • A letter of application from the student in which his/her “voice” should be clearly heard: his/her experience and qualifications, his/her motivations, goals, achievements of which he/she is most proud, etc (or a joint letter with his/her co-advocate might also be acceptable)
  • A letter of recommendation from the MUN Director in which specific and revealing anecdotal information is shared: a specific hurdle the candidate overcame, an incident he/she solved successfully, how he/she fares in stressful situations, etc.

In order to be effective and to enlighten the appointment process, the Director may wish in his letter to answer some or all of the following questions:

  1. How would you evaluate the student’s public speaking skills? Please mention specific qualities of his or her style.
  2. How would you evaluate the student’s ability to “think on one’s feet”? Please provide concrete examples.
  3. Has the student demonstrated rigorous work ethic and commitment to his or her responsibilities? Please provide concrete examples.
  4. How would you rate the student’s research skills, and his capacity to both analyze an great volume of material as well as synthesize it effectively.
  5. To what extent can the student be expected to respect the court and the advocates of the opposing counsel?
  6. To what extent can the student be expected to be a fair team player and pull his/her share in the preparation of the case?
  7. Lastly, how would you evaluate the student’s familiarity with ICJ procedures?
  8. Are there any remaining thoughts you would like to share about the student?

Directors should be aware that too great a discrepancy between their recommendation and evaluation of the student and his/her performance on the ICJ if he/she is appointed may result in a distrust of their recommendation in years to come… and should therefore strive to be as accurate and authentic as possible.

The deadline for the Group I application is June 10, 2018. Unsuccessful applicants in this round of applications are more than welcome to re-apply as Judges in the fall!

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PDF: Form V- ICJ Advocates Application

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