Secretary General Invitation Letter

Delegates, Advisors and Friends,

It is with great pride and excitement that I bid you all welcome to the seventeenth annual session of the Paris Model United Nations Conference.

Our city of Paris, and consequently our conference, has recently been heavily implicated in and impacted by the unraveling of global affairs and politics. In a time of distress we were graciously offered haven by our friends over at La Maison de la Mutualité. We are now pleased to announce that for a third year in a row, this beautiful venue located in one of the most vibrant quarters of Paris, will be the home of PAMUN XVII. The elegance and splendor of this site, along with its committed involvement in local politics, seemed to us to be the perfect setting for a conference like ours.

This year, the Executive Team all shared a singular vision for the up and coming edition of PAMUN. Living in a world with unprecedented levels of interconnectivity, political and economic unrest, and social despair, we all found ourselves, as a group of young people, preoccupied about our future. For this reason, we tried to orient our focus for the conference on the current and future state of the world. This idea is simply summarized in our theme, “Working towards the New World Order”.

This notion of a “New World Order” is one that bears much weight in the realm of global politics. Often used as a rallying statement to push any political agenda, the inspiration for our theme comes most directly from the late United States President Woodrow Wilson. When first having proposed his idea of a “14 Point Plan” to reform the climate of international affairs post-World War I, this dictum was openly used as a cry of support for his political vision. This vision, of which the esteem is a matter of debate and political opinion, lives on today through the very organization that we try to “model.” Although his cherished League of Nations would eventually prove to be a failure, it would have planted the seed for the United Nations Organization that we know today.

For this reason, almost one hundred years later, we find ourselves compelled to bring back this cry. We currently find ourselves to be in a very confusing time, with major international organizations like the United Nations offering little guidance. We find ourselves at political, technological, social, and economic cross-roads which will determine the fate of our World Order.

The PAMUN team has decided to address this concern through the topics on our Agenda. By focusing on issues like the “South Sudanese Civil War” or the conflict of the “South China Sea”, which both have yet to witness any substantial progress towards resolution, or up and coming issues like “The Question of Automation and its Impact on Employment and Economic Disenfranchisement” or “Measures to Aid Developing Countries in Moving Towards Green Production Methods” we are both responding to and anticipating interrupters of our World Order. We are also putting into question the way things currently are as shown through our Special Conference on the “Future of the EU” or our Human Rights Committee which will be “Questioning the Effectiveness, Validity, and Relevance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

The world as shown through our topics is imperfect, and we thus welcome you to our conference to address these pressing issues. We hope, in turn, to hopefully inspire change among the younger generations, which will eventually be in charge of determining the shape of our “New World Order”.


Nicolas Julian

Secretary General


PAMUN 2017 Conference

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