Secretary General Letter of Invitation: Sara Kamboj

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General Assembly:

     Tacking the issue of corruption in aid

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Security Council:

     The question of countering terror

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     Countering the aftermath of the Arab Spring in Libya

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     Ensuring that growth and development occur simultaneously in LEDCs

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     The future of smart cities

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     Redefining the role of neighbouring countries in Refugee Crisis

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Special Conference:

     Reevaluating the role of the United Nations (through the UN charter)

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-> UN Charter

Disarmament Committee:

     The question of limiting access to arms by terrorist organisations

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     Addressing the concerns regarding the use of drones

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Political Committee:

     Redefining the function of UN intervention forces

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     The question of Western Sahara

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Human Rights Committee:

     The question of modern slavery

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     The right to privacy in the digital age

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Environment Committee:

     Monitoring the use of bio-technology

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     Tackling and preventing the devastation caused by the extinction of ecosystems

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International Court of Justice:

      Legal consequences of the construction of a wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory (Israel Palestine)

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